What I Wore In Mykonos 2021

Well, at least some of the time. Call it a sporadic outfit diary if you please.

Packing for vacations always seems to get the better of me. In the excitement of anticipation I will plan outfit upon outfit and fall asleep at night imagining all the different ways I can combine my white linen shirts with the rest of my vacation capsule wardobe.

Then I arrive to my destination and the problems begin. The kitten heeled strappy sandals I had envisioned with my date night dress are not my first choice for walking down the steep hill our hotel apparently is located at the top of. My white linen shirt only remains white for a day. And suddenly I just don't feel like wearing (insert color, cut or fabric).

I always bring one pair of closed sneakers which I usually travel in on the plane as well. Dress: Zara. Sneaks: Converse.

Either way, I managed to be fully dressed most of the time during our stay in Mykonos and Tinos this July. Bathing suits and beaches easily save you from great wardrobe conundrums in both islands the rest of the time.

My linen shirt and shorts (listed also in my June Favorites video; the shorts worn here are checkered but is the same exact cut as the beige ones) did indeed save me as my favorite daytime staples, and so did our incredible host in Tinos who kindly laundered my shirt.

My favorite sunglasses from H&M (Summer 2021). I own these in both tortoise and black and they are simply the best. Shirt: Zara. Shorts: Zara. Bikini: H&M. Bag: Bottega Veneta.

We were attending what I would call a semi-formal event consisting of two dinners, one following a baptism which was the cause for celebration, and one casual poolside brunch. This of course required a bit of advance planning beyond linen shirts and bikinis.

I opted for a fairly easy to wear khaki-green dress purchased in Zara a few months back for our Friday night dinner. I paired it with my all time favorite summer sandals, the Hermes Oasis (yes, they are worth it).

For the Saturday church service and dinner, I opted for a slightly more formal attire, pairing the gorgeous pleated Zara skirt (which I got on sale to boot) with my favorite Hermes scarf.

This was by far my most loved outfit of the trip, and I will be wearing this combo again in the future - I did wear this with a beige blazer for the church service too.

I developed a slight obsession with Hermes scarves about 6 years ago and own several. In spite of this I seldom wear them as I find it ages me a bit.

As a resolve I have started wearing my 90x90 sized scarves as tops (the 45x45 remains my preferred size to wear around the neck) which has given me far more use of them.

My preferred way of wearing them is very simple: folded corner to corner in a v-shape i simply tie it around my chest and tuck it at the front. I have had no issues with them not staying put.

Suggested: How To Hand Wash Your Hermès Scarf

It was incredibly windy in both islands for the entire duration of our stay. This resulted in quite a few Marilyn moments, some more gracious than others. :)

Finally there were the dinners out. I ended up wearing this combo twice because of how much I loved the delicate, all-white look.

The lace top is from Zara and too cropped to wear normally. With these high waisted pants (also Zara) it fits perfectly, the tight fit balancing out the relaxed fit of the pant, and the front crease of the pants giving an elevated look.

It's safe to say that if you go to Greece, you pack every piece of linen clothing you own. 😂 I did exactly that, including this entire linen outfit (also from Zara, you guessed it).

The white linen skirt I wore for our dinner at Scorpios on our first night paired with my black-and-white silk scarf, and again for our day trip on Tinos (seen below) with this cute tie-back linen top in pastel stripes.

Great to have you.

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